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posted Mar 10, 2012 02:59:00 by Exaria
1) Cussing is allowed only if not directed at someone in an insulting way.
2) No posting replies in the admin/Moderator discussion! This will lead to banning of 1-3 days!
3) Do not be rude, mean, or self-obsessed to other people
4) Only post replies/topics that relate to the discussion topic theyre posted in! No beauty questions in the boys forum, or anything like that! Banning from 4-6 days will occur due to having to remove it and violation of "DA RULEZ"
5) Basically do not do anything that will violate other people. Dont give out personal info, this will lead to permanent banning!
6) Any violation of DA RULEZ will first be offered with a warning unless there is a punishment listed in the description of the rule. You get 3 chances.
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